Daniella Amit

In his book The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, Thomas Moore defines a garden as “The meeting of raw nature and the human imagination in which both seek the fulfillment of their beauty”.

I fell in love with design through gardens: Form, color, texture, and the transformation through time were the main pull for me starting my career as a Landscape designer.

I have since added Interior Design, Fibre Art and Jewelry to my design passions, replacing the element of Time with my imagination.


I work with my clients to first identify what their needs are, and what inspires them in order to create solutions that bring Harmony and Energy to their homes and businesses.

For your Home

I bring my passion for fabric and raw materials in their rich variety to create unique soft furnishing and Art that add personal and inspiring  accents to your home.

For you

Beautifully hand crafted personal accessories, infusing metal, stone, silk, fibre & leather into one of a kind jewelry, scarves and bags.